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Students with remaining aid balances after tuition and fees are paid in full and after bookstore, meal plans, bus passes and child care purchases have been made will receive the remaining balance in the form of a check,direct deposit, or prepaid debit card disbursed each semester. Students are sent an email from Nelnet Campus Commerce/Tuition Management System (TMS) to select their method of receiving remaining balances. If a student does not select direct deposit, they will receive the remaining balances by check. Prior to disbursing these remaining balances, the College must ensure that students have begun classes and have not been reported for non-attendance. We then adjust aid for students who are less than full-time, and disburse the aid to pay charges. Once charges are paid, any remaining credit balance is then prepared for disbursement to the student.

Each semester, disbursement dates will be published on the Disbursement Schedule website ( and on the Financial Aid Hotline at 1-757-822-1355.  Students may call the Hotline to learn the first scheduled disbursement dates for student loans and scholarships as well as federal and state grants. After the initial disbursement dates, the College will process new disbursements approximately every two weeks throughout the semester as awards are made. Please see a Financial Aid Counselor if you have questions regarding your disbursement.

Please note that remaining balance checks are mailed to the most current MAILING address posted in SIS. Please ensure that your mailing address is current and valid in SIS. If the remaining balance check is returned to the Nelnet Campus Commerce/Tuition Management System (TMS) as undeliverable, you will receive an email notice to your TCC student email account from the Nelnet Campus Commerce/Tuition Management System (TMS) informing you that you must update your mailing address in SIS in order for the remaining balance to be resent.

For additional assistance, please contact the TCC Financial Aid Support Team for assistance by visiting the TCC Financial Aid Online Support Center or by calling 757-822-1688.

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