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Tidewater Community College includes Direct Loan Offers as part of its initial financial aid package if a student's cost of attendance demonstrates a possible need. These are offers only and students are not required to take the loan. Students who DO need the Direct Loan MUST complete the application process outlined below, otherwise there will be no Direct Loan funds for the student.

Tidewater Community College does not award Direct Loans for students until the student makes a formal request by completing the application process. Students should complete the application process as soon as possible so that Direct Loan funds can be posted by the tuition deadline to avoid students paying personally.

There are 3 Required Steps associated with the Direct Loan Student Application:

Step 1. Students must complete FAFSA for the current academic year and receive their results from the U.S. Department of Education.

Step 2. Students must receive their official Financial Aid Award Notice from TCC and view their awards in the student information system (SIS) to verify that the awarding process is complete.

Students who submit a Direct Loan Request before receiving their official Financial Aid Award Notice may be denied.

Step 3. Submit a Student Direct Loan Application and complete both the Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN)per the instructions for submitting an application which may be reviewed at Tidewater Student Loan Portal.

Important Information to Remember:

  • Students should NOT submit more than one Direct Loan Request if they do not see their Direct Loan Award posted in SIS.
  • Students should only submit a second (or more) request if they feel that they need to borrow additional funds after submitting their initial request.
  • Students will be notified if their Direct Loan Requests are denied via the TCC student email.
  • During peak processing (typically during registration periods), students should anticipate a reasonable processing time and not submit a second request due to this reason.
    • The Student Direct Loan Request Application normally takes 3 - 5 business days to process
  • Students who haven't received a loan offer don't have to wait to do the 3-step loan process.  Some students may not receive a loan offer, but they can still request loans. 

(Financial Aid > Loans > General Loan Information)

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