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You can submit documents through our submission portal found at the top of the Financial Aid forms website.

For instructions on how to submit documents that can be uploaded through your SIS, go here

Below are the documents which are accepted and not accepted for submission through the Financial Aid document submission portal.

  • The documents which are not accepted must be submitted in person to the campus Financial Aid office or mailed in by U.S. Mail to your campus Financial Aid office or our Central Financial Aid Office at 121 College Place, Norfolk, VA 23510. Emailed and faxed documents will not be accepted. 

Important Information 

Not all financial aid forms can be submitted through the Financial Aid Document Submission Portal. Please review the list below to ensure your documents are acceptable for submission. Documents that are not acceptable for submission will NOT be processed by Financial Aid

Acceptable NOT Acceptable
  • Verification Worksheet
  • Income Certification
  • Asset Information
  • Tax Return Filing Status Review
  • Tax Transcripts
  • W-2 Forms
  • Overlapping Student Loan Report
  • Review of Other Income
  • Certification of Untaxed Income
  • Financial Aid Cancellation Form
  • Notification of Program Change
  • Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
  • Special Circumstance Request
  • Dependency Status Appeal
  • SAP Appeal Forms
  • Private Scholarship Donor Form
  • Permit to Disclose Personally Identifiable Information
  • Authorization to Pay Child Care
  • Authorization to Pay Charges
  • High School Diploma/Transcript


(Financial Aid > Verification)

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