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How do I set up or cancel a TMS Payment Plan?

To set up a payment plan log in to your Student Information System (SIS) and go to the Self Service > Student Center > Finances > Apply for Payment Plan. All enrollments must go through the school site to Nelnet Campus Commerce/TMS to ensure the correct data is being passed (ID, address, balance). 

For more detailed instructions on setting up payment plans, please visit this page.

If I have Financial Aid, how do I setup a payment plan?

Students with financial aid (once on their Student Center) must click the “Account Inquiry” link and then click the yellow bar for their aid to adjust. After that, they can select the “Apply for Payment Plan” link (on the same page as the yellow bar). Failing to click the yellow bar can cause payment plans to be set up for the wrong amount.

Are there any Fees associated with a TMS Payment Plan?

Yes, there is a non-refundable enrollment fee charged at the time of plan enrollment. Credit card payments (Discover, Mastercard, VISA or American Express) are also charged a 2.5 percent service fee on each credit card transaction.

How do I login to my TMS Payment Plan account once I have setup a Payment Plan?

Once you are enrolled you can go directly to the Nelenet Campus Commerce/TMS website and log in to your account at You will be asked for an account number which you should have received in your student email after registering.

I added/dropped a course or have been awarded financial aid. How do I adjust my TMS Payment Plan?

If your course enrollment status changes for any reason for a term or you have been awarded financial aid, you will need to log in to the TMS payment portal and adjust your payment plan contract amount or contact Nelnet Campus Commerce/TMS directly at 1-800-337-0291 or 401-921-3999 (outside U.S. and Canada) as soon as possible to inform them of the changes, as these updates aren't automatically communicated.

Once you make your adjustment, Nelnet Campus Commerce/TMS will notify TCC of your adjustment and TCC will approve or deny the adjustment based on your enrollment as shown in SIS. Decreasing the budget to the amount you have already paid TMS will zero out what you owe Nelnet Campus Commerce/TMS, so no future payments come out.

How do I cancel my TMS Payment Plan?

To terminate the payment plan, the student needs to contact the Nelnet Campus Commerce/TMS Customer Care Center directly at 1-800-337-0291 or (401) 921-3999 (outside U.S. and Canada) or email

The process of terminating your payment plan is called "reducing your budget." Decreasing the budget to the amount you have already paid Nelnet Campus Commerce/TMS will zero out what you owe Nelnet Campus Commerce/TMS, so no future payments come out.

What Important TMS Dates should I be aware of (Adjustments, Refunds, Registration)?

TMS Payment Plan registration and adjustments must be completed before the deadlines indicated on the payment plan calendar found here. You will also find TMS Payment Plan refund dates within the Important Dates by clicking on the specific semester.

*Please Note that there are separate dates for refunds when cancelling your TMS Payment Plan prior to and after the Guarantee Dates.

*Please also keep in mind, after the last day to increase payment plan contract amounts, the student is responsible for paying the college directly for any additional classes or those classes will be dropped.

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